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37 Drafts. Pork Belly Tacos. You.

Five Horses Tavern Is…


Small Business is about community. One of the things that makes Five Horses Tavern, a food vendor for the 2013 Hyper Local Craft Brewfest, great is the support the restaurant has had from the regular customers who helped to grow the business. The majority of the Five Horses staff also lives in the Davis Square area, which in turn contributes to the strong sense of camaraderie among staff, patrons, and other restaurants and bars in the neighborhood.

It doesn’t get more local than Five Horses Tavern.

Owner Dylan Welsh, general manager Sarah Hanson, and chef Aaron Parsons have worked together since the establishment opened in 2011, and they all take an enormous amount of pride in the work they do and the food, drink, and atmosphere they provide to their community.


Five Horses is proud to source many local and homemade ingredients from the New England area, and are continually looking for new ways to make sure that their production methods are sustainable in the long run. 30% of their daily trash is recycled, with plans in the works to begin composting soon. If you compost in your own home, feel free to throw their take-out containers on the pile, because all of that packaging from Five Horses Tavern is biodegradable. For those of us who are suckers for re-purposing (I know I am), all of the Tavern’s cooking oil is now put through their snazzy new filter and converted into bio-fuel.


As for the food and drink itself, you’ll find American style comfort fare that’s recognizable but not boring, like the Kentucky fried Cornish game hen, and the duck meatloaf. There are also plenty of creative and filling vegetarian options, like the harvest pizza and the okra gumbo.

You’ll also never be bored in the beer department, with Five Horses’ 37 rotating drafts and 140 bottles.

Located just blocks from the Davis Square T stop and now serving brunch, Five Horses makes a great destination to put on your list of summer hangouts. Local, Sustainable, Delicious, whats more to love?

Five Horses Tavern will be serving up their best dishes at the Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest this weekend! Come try some of their famed pork belly tacos with us.

This post was written by Jane Ward of Corn Free July, go check her out!

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