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Keeping It Local With Rapscallion

In just a few days some of

the best local breweries will be coming together to showcase their brews at the 2nd Annual Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest. One company that celebrates the local community spirit in not only their brews, but also their company mission, is Rapscallion.

According to Rapscallion co owner, Daniel Cedric,

Tap Handle

“We truly believe that every region of the country can be serviced (no matter the product or service) by their own local companies.”

In 2008, Cedric and Peter Daniel took over local brewing company, Concord Brewery. Armed with all of the Concord beer recipes and Brewmaster, Karl Baldrate, who has been with the company since the 1993 brewery beginning, they re-branded the company and Rapscallion was introduced to the local brewing community.

With roots in the New England area and many family members serving as small business owners in the community, Cedric and Peter can appreciate the importance of staying local. In addition brewing in Sturbridge, they try to source their ingredients locally when possible. Their flagship beer, Honey, is a pale ale that contains local wildflower honey. The easily recognizable tap handles are made in Rhode Island.

Sticking with the goal of growing slowly and deepening their customer base locally first, Rapscallion delivers draft beers to local favorites in Massachusetts and Rhode Island only.

“By growing slowly and locally we know that we are helping other beer companies like us in other parts of the country grow by not entering their market irresponsibly. We hope our very tiny contribution to responsible business growth will help more and more small independent businesses grow and make this vital part of the American society stronger.”

Since being introduced to the local beer market, Rapscallion has reintroduced previous recipes from Concord Brewery every year or so. Currently, there are five recipes being distributed on draft and include Honey, Premier, Blessing, ESB and Lager. The Lager is a recipe that dates back to 1898 from Harvard Brewing Co. and is the oldest beer from Massachusetts on tap today.

Rapscallion counts the Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest as one of their favorite festivals. The mission of the festival and the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts is exactly what Rapscallion is about, to THINK LOCAL FIRST.

Be sure to stop by Rapscallion at the 2nd Annual Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest this weekend, June 14-15. They will be bringing their most popular beer, Honey Ale. Speaking from my own tasting experience, this is a must not miss beer! You can also find out where Rapscallion is poured in your own neighborhood here.

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