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After All, Whats Better Than Some Truffled Wild Mushroom Ravioli?


If you frequent the farmer’s market scene often, then you must have heard about Valicenti Organico located in Hollis, NH. Originating as a family established farm, Dave Valicenti, along with Michelle Valicenti, took over his family’s business and continues to produce fresh vegetables and homemade sauces, pastas and ravioli on their 6-acre land.


   When it comes to the organic craze that is taking over, Dave says for his company he believes “farming doesn’t need any more chemicals or pesticides”; referring to the highly debated Monsanto Company and their genetically engineered seed and herbicide glyphosate. He also states that the use of pesticides and other chemicals on produce is not only bad for our health, but also “bad for the economy and bad for the environment. It doesn’t make economical sense.”

 Although Valicenti Organico grows most of their ingredients– including tomatoes, basil, eggplant and more– they still help the economy by sourcing locally from different farms in the area such as Kimball Fruit Farm, Brookdale Fruit Farm and Lull farm. Dave also makes sure to build relationships with the local farmer’s markets as well. “When you buy locally, [the] majority of it goes right back into the economy.”


If you’ve ever ordered food from Valicenti Organico, or visited the establishment, then you are aware of the delicious and creative pastas and raviolis that they whip up; after all, they are the winners of Best of NH Local Fresh Ravioli. With creations such as a faro, kamut or spelt grained pasta, as well as a plethora of gourmet ravioli like brandied lobster ravioli, or prosciutto gorgonzola, one question that comes to mind is: How does one come up with such creations?

David makes an effort to mix both classic and unique. “A lot of times it’s off the wall. I was a restaurant chef for many years, so what I’ll do is think of something as simple as a dish that I’ve made and think how can I make that dish into ravioli.”

That thinking seems to pay off because truffled wild mushroom ravioli and duck confit ravioli are a crowd favorite. “It feels like you’re eating a meal when you read the different variations of our ravioli.”


And if you’re ever stumped and want to know what the owner’s favorite item off the menu might be he will tell you “roasted beets with Pecorino Tuscano. It’s a simple recipe of beets, salt, pepper, olive oil and pecorino. Instead of using water, we will juice ingredients such as carrots, spinach etc. and use that for the dough.”

If your appetite is running rampant and you don’t think you can wait until the Hyper Local Craft Brewfest, then head on up to Hollis, NH and pay Dave a visit. Try some of his renowned pasta and ravioli and I guarantee that you will be hooked for life.

I have no doubts that such a creative company, with owners who are passionate about what they do, will bring something unique to the Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest. Join as at the Armory for their fresh Cheddar and Spelt Ravioli– local cheddar, local stout in a malted pumpernickel dough, served with a mushroom sauce. Delicious!

This post was written by Janelle McKenzie of  A Food Odyssey, go check her out!

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