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Boston Local Food Festival

Presented by Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts

Harvest Co-op: A little gem helping busy families eat healthy, simply and within budget!

Harvest Entrance in Jamaica Plain

As a busy mom, I’m all about healthy living made simple. And, when I can save a buck or two that’s even better! That’s why I love Harvest Co-op. Harvest is a not-for-profit supermarket that’s community-owned. Far from your average supermarket, this little gem is a busy mama’s dream shop combining local and/or organic food, fair prices in a cute neighborhood market atmosphere. Here are a few reasons why so many Boston-based families committed to healthy living love Harvest Co-op:

Local and Organic: First, Harvest is committed to the local and organic movement. It’s pretty rare to find a community market that stocks these types of products, but at Harvest it’s a guarantee! You can be confident you’ll find healthy food for your family. In fact, almost 20% of the store is stocked with local products from New England and New York. Choosing local products for your family means you’re feeding them food that’s higher in nutrients because the food can be picked when it’s perfectly ripe since it gets into your hands within days.

One Stop Shop: Second, I like that Harvest makes it simple for patrons to get all their weekly groceries in one place. You may think that I’m stating the obvious since Harvest is a supermarket (duh). But, with the CSA (community supported agriculture) movement having grown so rapidly, it’s pretty rare these days that families get all their food for the week in one location. Normally, families are picking up weekly veggie shares in one spot and grocery shopping in another, wasting precious time galavanting around town to feed their kiddos. You can combine these trips at Harvest! They’ve partnered with local CSAs (including a brand new fish CSA called a CFA) to host weekly share pick-ups in their store parking lot. It’s pretty awesome and made possible because Harvest is a not-for-profit organization. Unlike local supermarkets, Harvest can prioritize its commitment to local farmers and customer needs ahead of its bottom line.

Cost Savings: Finally, it’s a bonus when we can save moolah while also feeding our family healthy food in a simple manner. Although it’s open to the public, you can become a member of the Harvest Co-op for no out-of-pocket costs and can be eligible to receive special member discounts like 10%

Large bulk section of Harvest Co-op

Huge Bulk section = Savings in time & money!

off your entire order the second Wednesday of every month. They also have a HUGE bulk section stocked with everything from grains and nuts to oils and even soap. Besides saving money, as a busy mom, I think buying in bulk saves me time! I spend less time taking multiple trips to the store to stock up on items and with less waste, I don’t spend nearly as much time breaking down boxes for recycling and taking out the trash. Plus, I can keep my bulk products in pretty containers making these healthy foods more appetizing for my family to choose on a regular basis.

Interested in checking out Harvest Co-op? Stop by one of their three locations in Jamaica Plain (57 South Street and 3815 Washington St) and 580 Mass Ave, Cambridge. Or, visit them at the Boston Local Food Festival where they’ll be sampling local products they sell in the store.

This post was written by Danielle Shea Tan of Healthy Mamas for Happy Families. Go check her out!

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