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Cheers to Berkshire Mountain Distillers!

It’s almost time for the Fourth Annual Local Craft Brewfest! This year’s event will take place Friday, November 22nd at the Moakley Courthouse in Boston’s Fort Point. The fest will feature a number of craft brewers and distillers including the award winning Berkshire Mountain Distillers (BMD).

Chris Weld, who grew up in Westchester County, NY, founded BMD in 2007. Chris had an early interest in distilling; in the 8th grade he tried to make his own still for a class science project, but the plan was squashed by his mother when she realized it was a federal offense! Instead, he went on to study biochemistry, eventually earning a Master’s Degree in emergency medicine. After twenty years of working as Physician Assistant in the San Francisco bay area, Chris returned to his roots. He moved back to the quiet countryside of Berkshire County in Western MA with his wife and family, where they decided to purchase a neglected apple farm that would become a distillery.

After three years of cultivating, the trees finally started bearing fruit again. Faced with an abundance of apples, and looking to leave the medical field, Chris took a page from his childhood and decided to start a distillery with the initial plans of making apple brandy. The farm was also home to historic granite-based spring water, once deemed the finest in the world. As the basis of any fine spirit is quality water, Chris knew he had the makings of a distillery. With his biochemistry background and the help of several experts in distilling, Chris quickly became an expert himself.

BMD has since grown to produce a wide range of spirits including Ice Glen vodka, Greylock gin, Ethereal gin, Ragged Mountain Rum, Berkshire Bourbon and New England Corn Whiskey. Chris began selling BMD’s spirits door to door in MA out of the back of his truck, and today BMD is available in 24 states. Chris remains fully involved at the distillery and has a passionate hands-on relationship with every bottle. He still looks forward to the challenge of developing new products and growing the BMD brand.

BMD is dedicated to working with local producers when possible, and sources corn for their Bourbon and Corn Whiskey is from a farm just 2 miles away. They also work with other craft brewers, and just released BMD’s first Cask Finished Bourbon as part of a project with 10 brewers from around the country. In collaboration with Sam Adams, BMD distilled two beers into whiskey, which will be ready for distribution in about a year.

Several of BMD’s products have won awards, including Greylock Gin’s #1 ranking in a NY Times blind taste test! This Gin, along with Ice Glen Vodka, Ragged Mountain Rum, Berkshire Bourbon, and New England Corn Whiskey will be featured at the Local Craft Brewfest. They will also be sampling cocktails made with RIPE Bar Juices, a CT based company that produces all natural fresh pressed juices.  Be sure to stop by and check them out!

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