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Boston Local Food Festival

Presented by Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts

Farmers Are Cool

 P1010103…but we’re betting you knew that. For the first time this year, the Boston Local Food Festival welcomes ‘Farmers Are Cool’. A company whose main mission is to help spread and promote awareness of small family farms.

The founder, Danica Medeiros, grew up on a family farm in New Hampshire. While working day jobs, Danica always imagined having a chance to have her own business. After years of a t-shirt apparel idea being in the mix, she decided to combine it with her roots. There you have it, an apparel company with a mission; Farmers Are Cool was born. “I wanted to find a way to celebrate farmers, especially after reading about the local food movement” says Danica.

“I wanted to promote the actual farmers, especially small farms who often don’t have the capital to get going with their own marketing.”

Until now, Farmers Are Cool has mostly been exhibiting at smaller events and marketing through Facebook. This will be their first time at a larger, urban event. “I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of the farmers that will be in attendance at the event, and the thousands of people that will be coming by” says Danica. “I always especially love to hear ‘oh my farmer would love this’. It’s great to see people being active and vocal about supporting local food.”

In an effortFarmers are Cool mug to more directly promote farms, Farmers Are Cool keeps a running list of small farms throughout the country on their website. They’re also starting to sell wholesale to farmers. The farmers can then take the merchandise and sell it on their farm. Using ‘Farmers Are Cool’ to simultaneously create both an avenue for marketing and a new stream of revenue.

The company also helps support the local food movement by contributing to non-profits such as farmers markets associations, local food coalitions, food banks, and any organization who is geared towards helping small farms, gardens, and local food.

While you can buy the gear on their website day or night, make sure to stop by the tent and say hello. “I just hope people plan on coming out, bringing some friends, and just get to know the resources available to help them support local food. Hopefully people will come by and show support,” says Danica.  Important to note: all the clothing and products are made from 100% organic cotton and other sustainable fabric or recycled material; which makes them a great gift for your eco-conscious friend.

“We also takes suggestions for non-profits we can support, or new products people would like to see,” says Danica. So make sure to like them on facebook and twitter to be a part of the conversation or to see where they’ll be next. You can also always contact her through the website.

Fun fact? “My parent’s are coming too!” say Danica. Be on the look out for White Gates Farm at this year’s Boston Local Food Festival, happening Saturday September 14th.

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