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Blueprint Brands: Redesigning Your Liquor Cabinet.

It can be hard to reconcile a love of local, ethically sourced food with a love of booze. Like cell phones and hot showers, alcohol tends to sometimes fall under the category of “I gotta draw the line somewhere.” Luckily, there’s Blueprint Brands, a marketing and sales company that works solely with “a carefully curated selection of boutique distilleries that are committed to the production of small batch spirits, with a steady focus on well sourced ingredients and hands-on production methods.”

This means that not only can you feel good about the sourcing of the liquor you enjoy, you can get a tastier and all around better quality product as well. No matter what your spirit of choice, you’ve got options. Blueprint Brands represents dozens of distillers of tequila, rum, vodka, you name it. Travelling? From the Blueprint website, click on the state you’ll be visiting and they’ll give you a list of their distillers whose wares are available in that area.

Relatively new to the craft distilling scene in Boston, Blueprint was launched in 2013 as a division of L. Knife and Sons, a fourth-generation family owned craft beer wholesaler. As small patch, artisan products become a priority for more and more consumers, especially in the Northeast, L. Knife picked the right time to us their expertise in  the craft beer world to branch out into a still relatively untapped market with rapidly increasing demand.

To find out more about Blueprint Brands, get on over to Local Craft Brewfest and check out two of their favorite clients:

New England Distillery has 150 years of family heritage on its side, including a legend that their spirits were used for medicinal purposes in the Civil War. After suffering setbacks from changing consumer taste buds to Prohibition, the Wight Family has brought their spirits from Maryland to Maine, where their rye still bears the mark of its southern roots. They have also added rum and gin to the menu, rounding out a perfect trifecta of cocktail ingredients for any occasion.

Dirty Water Distillery gets immediate points for taking such a bold gamble with their choice of brand name. I mean, who wants their liquor made with dirty water? By refusing to compromise on tone, the distillers may alienate some people who you won’t find down by the river, but those people are no fun to drink with anyway. Dirty Water Distillery currently offers artisanal white rum, vodka, gin, and an intriguing “traditional Lithuanian honey liquor” that is said to go well with hot cider on a cold night. Yum!

Check out Blueprint Brands’ website for more of their small batch distillers, and don’t forget to show up to Local Craft Brewfest very thirsty!

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