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Jen Dorman blogs as Boston Bachelorette, sharing her experience having fun in Boston enjoying food, fashion, fitness and fun events. As a marketing, PR and social media professional, Jen also plans and hosts blogger events, connecting businesses with bloggers and providing fun social opportunities for bloggers to interact with each other.


  Jessica Dennis is the founder and writer of Gluten Free Boston Girl, a gluten free food blog based primarily in the Boston area.  She writes about her adventures as a 20-something year old young woman, who loves dining out, trying new foods, and experimenting with new recipes in her own kitchen, all while sticking to a gluten free diet. Her site includes a list of restaurants and restaurant reviews, product reviews and other helpful information for those on a gluten free diet. Follow Jessica on Twitter @gfbostongirl


 Erin Morgan, a native Floridian, is a computer geek by day and an avid blogger, reader, cooker, knitter, celebrity gossip enjoyer and wine/beer drinker by night. For the past 7 years Erin has made Boston her home and is happy to report that she still enjoys the snow. On her food and lifestyle blog, A Girl & Her Mutt, she shares tales of her attempts in the kitchen, discovering local Boston eats, and all the fun that can be had with a cute dog at her side. Come say hi to Erin on A Girl & Her Mutt and follow her on Twitter @agirlandhermutt.


 Shelby Keys is a Boston newbie, who recently completed her dietetic internship and is on her way to becoming an RD! With a passion for food, fitness, and health, she started her blog Paleoprincess to chronicle her various foodie experiences as well as serve as a source of trusted health information. You can also catch her experimenting with diverse cuisines through her blogs with BostonBrunchers.



Kerrie Urban is a consultant living in Back Bay. She blogs at Urban Foodie Finds, reviewing local restaurants and sharing her favorite foods, wines and recipes. Kerrie first became interested in local sustainable food after reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and now tries her best to support local farmers and the restaurants that source their food. Follow her on twitter at @itakepicsoffood


 Kristin Van Busum, an east coast transplant, grew up in a corn-fed Midwestern town where she celebrated “Tractor Day.” She works at a policy think-tank by day, but spends her evenings and weekends digging in the community gardens, shopping at Haymarket, and experimenting with Indian spices. While earning an MPA in health policy from New York University, she developed an appreciation for the intersection of food, nutrition and public policy. She is eager to expand her repertoire of strategies for promoting the local food movement in Boston. Kristin has been a guest blogger for the Huffington Post and The Wagner Food Policy Alliance.


Jane Ward has been blogging about local food since 2011, but she’s loved it since 1989 when she first started helping her mother in the garden. When she’s not at her day job managing a local retail establishment, she can be found exploring the Boston area’s independent grocers, farmers markets, and restaurants. You can follow these adventures, as well as glean recipes, join the conversation about the down sides of industrial agriculture, and more at Corn Free July, or follow her on Twitter @cornfreejuly.


Leslie A. Weston has worked in publishing since moving to the Boston area from Connecticut 25 years ago. A frequent visitor to farmers markets and a fan of the region’s local breweries, she became inspired to start her food-centered Nibbles & Bits blog after writing an article about private schools’ increased use of locally grown food. Not known for having a green thumb, she is nonetheless attempting to grow her own tomatoes this summer.


Stewart Wise, a retired chef  and journalist who lives the Somerville/Cambridge area of Boston. Originally from Texas, has ran kitchens in Austin, Dallas, New York City, London & Boston for Dean and Deluca, Carter Burden NYC, Whole Foods Market (Austin and Manhattan), Word of Mouth and Cafe Matisse. Stewart considers himself a ‘veggievore’ which the NY Times defines as “someone who’s not so much ardently anti-meat as passionately pro-vegetable”. Stewart was a contributing editor of the Austin Chronicle for almost 10 years. Last year he contributed an essay for the book, “SXSW Scrapbook: The People and Things That Went Before” published by The University of Texas Press.Check out his blog, Goosefat: A Somerville-Cambridge Cook’s Repertoire.



Growing up  in Connecticut in a big Jamaican family, Janelle McKenzie was destined to be a foodie. “My mothers, but especially my grandmother, were always cooking; so many different Jamaican dishes, the smell just beckoning you to the kitchen. I promised I’d learn the recipes in order to carry them on.” With that promise, Janelle has been cooking ever since. The author of the blog,, Janelle takes you on a food adventure to different Boston restaurants as well as her very own recipes. She doesn’t have one specific dish that she makes, but what they all have in common is that they are good for you and use healthy ingredients.


Allison Jenkins is a Technical Recruiter by trade with a passion for local food, wine, beer, blogging and photography.  She is a Boston transplant, and for the last 3 years she has been eating her way through the city. Discovering the endless local options has given her a new appreciation for New England, and a reason to get into the kitchen and start creating. Allison began her first food blog, Cleanse Your Plate, in February 2013, and will be releasing her second blog, Eat Pretty Food, this August. Cleanse Your Plate focuses on tips for clean eating and a healthy lifestyle, while Eat Pretty Food will showcase lovely (and tasty, of course!) recipes based on fresh, local ingredients.


Janet Kalandranis is lover of all things local, especially food. She is a marketing guru by day and documents her free time about her love of food, family and her local Boston at




Jenna Powers is the woman behind the lens behind Nourish 365 Project, a daily food photography blog celebrating all things edible and drinkable.  She aims to tell life’s stories through photographing the personal and communal act of preparing and enjoying food.  Jenna’s work as a senior manager of a Fortune 50 company takes her out of her South Boston home 2-3 weeks a month, allowing her to sample local cuisine all over the U.S. and Canada, and she loves the personal connections she’s made with local chefs and food enthusiasts through her blog during all that time away from home!  In addition to the blog, you can check out Nourish 365 Project photographs through FacebookTwitter and Tumblr.


Melissa Wallace is born and raised in Massachusetts​ and has been blogging about locally grown food since 2012.  You can find her shopping at the many farmers markets throughout the greater Boston area. In her blog, Livin’ Local Boston, Melissa writes about her appreciation of local food by sharing her experiences in shopping at farmers markets in the Boston area.  Topics range from her favorite/unique vendors to in season recipes.  Melissa is a believer in preserving in season foods and has begun canning and freezing her favorite fruits and vegetable to enjoy throughout the year.  You can like her Facebook page and follow her on twitter @livinloca​lbos.


Lindsey is the creator of Plate of Mind, a food blog all about fresh, simple, delicious and nutritious food fit for a dinner party or after work on Tuesday night. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, her love of food began watching her mother cook utilize their garden grown vegetables in kitchen and the memories that were made around the table. Now a Bostonian, Lindsey is foodie guru, always trying new and exciting chef creations and cocktails. After working on the social media team at America’s Test Kitchen, she knew she was destined to always share the love of food and tweet her latest dish. You can follow her at @LindseySlack and Plate of Mind.


Danielle Shea Tan is a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach and Founder of Healthy Mamas for Happy Families. As a mom, wife, friend, daughter, yogi, foodie, bleeding heart, world traveler, Danielle strives to create a balanced lifestyle for herself and her family. She is passionate about helping busy mamas become their most healthy self, so together they can transform the health of America one family at a time. On her Healthy Mamas blog, she writes about her healthy living challenges, shares tips for balanced living, posts recipes and more. Visit Danielle at Healthy Mamas for Happy Families or on Facebook.


 Isara Kieger has always loved to write and always loved to eat.  Each act serves such a variety of purposes.  She was welcomed into the restaurant industry with what were to be a few brief hosting and serving jobs, but liked what she saw that she stuck around.  Isara witnessed passion and devotion and creativity and community.  Finding a way to express her creative side, she began my food/restaurant blog as a way to contribute in a personal way to this world she loved, through writing and pictures.  Isara has worked as a writing tutor, and mostly more informal writing experiences, but she see food writing and food photography, and plenty of food itself, in my bright, tasty future. Check out her blog Alone With A Cupcake and follow her at @Isarak


Pauline Hevia is currently a student at Emerson College, studying Writing for Film and Television. Due to her multi-ethnic background and love for food, she has made a hobby of writing about her love of food from around the world, both for fun and professionally. In the past, Pauline has written for KickinKitchen.TV, a production company centered in Boston that creates television shows for children about health and nutrition. She is incredibly to  share her adventures at this year’s Local Boston Food Festival.

Emily Goodman is a Boston native and creator of Simply Gourmet in Southie. Passionate about cooking simple, yet flavorful food, she started her site as a place to organize her growing recipes. Over the past two years she has been sharing her own recipes as well as experiences and information about the ever growing Boston restaurant scene. Follow along with Emily on Twitter @emilyjgoodman and Instagram @emmalee537.