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Boston Local Food Festival

Presented by Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts

Do-It-Yourself Demo Booth

The theme of Do-It-Yourself Demo Tent is “Local All Year Round.” This volunteer-run portion of the event requires experts in a variety of areas related to food, urban homesteading, living green, environmental sustainability, etc., to share their skills with the eaters of  Boston Local Food Festival. Volunteer presenters were given a free 30-60 minute slot to share tips. Boston Local Food Festival is excited to offer the Do-It-Yourself Demo Tent this year on The Rose Kennedy Greenway!

You can find the 2015 Guidelines for the DIY and Chef Demonstrations HEREPlease email Maddie at for inquiries and registration.

The 2014 D0-It-Yourself Stage is brought to you by…

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The Do-It-Yourself stage at this year’s festival wouldn’t be complete with the help from KitchensurfingKitchensurfing is the marketplace community where talented chefs worldwide build businesses by bringing their food and expertise into homes, offices, and spaces in between. Diners communicate directly with approved chefs to create custom dining experiences: from simple family meals to in-home cooking classes, explorations of new cuisines, and large-scale celebratory banquets. Whether it’s a romantic date night, a family dinner, or a summertime clambake on Cape Cod, Kitchensurfing takes care everything-making your special dinner a delicious, worry-free and memorable experience.
DIY Chefs:
[11:00 AM to 12:00 PM]
Kimi Ceridon, Make Your Own Homemade Farmers Cheese
Homemade farmers cheese is easy, and with the right milk, it can also be delicious! During this workshop, you will learn how to make a simple farmers cheese using ingredients you probably have right at home. We will talk about the intricacies of selecting a milk that will give you the best results. For those inspired to try more advanced recipes, there will also samples of other homemade cheese such as mozarella. As a little primer, check out this article by Kimi on about homemade cheese.
With 14 years experience in innovation, product sustainability & technical management, Kimi decided to apply these skills to revolutionizing the food industry. Integrating technology & management with food culture, history & policy, Kimi operates at the intersection of marketing, innovation and research.
[12:00 PM to 1:00 PM]
Fulani Haynes, How to Get Kids Excited About Veggies
From Fulani’s Kitchen, you’ll learn fun and creative techniques on how to get kids excited about cooking and eating vegetables. In the Community Garden Salad demo, Fulani will combine her nursing and culinary backgrounds to teach us how eating healthy can also be fun!
[1:00 PM to 2:00 PM]
Chef Jon Sargent, New England Coastal Ceviche: Using Local Fish for Exotic Flavors
More details coming soon!
[3:00 PM to 4:00 PM]
Rayna Jhaveri, Waste Not, Want Not: Sustainability Begins at Home
Does wasting food break your heart? Have you bought ingredients for a specific recipe only to find you don’t know what to do with the stuff you didn’t use? Would you like to find other ways to cook that abundance of local, seasonal eggplant/cauliflower/cabbage/tomatoes/whatever? Yeah. Me too.
In this lively, informal demo-discussion, I present some principles of cooking with economy & grace. Learn tips & tricks to transform yesterday’s leftovers into today’s feast, spill your grandma’s coolest food-saving secrets and be inspired to break free from the boredom of eating the same darn thing every day. Oh, and enjoy a free sample of a delicious dish from my Indian kitchen, of course.
Rayna is a self-taught cook, intuitive food educator and curious eater coming from an ancestry of notorious foodies, including India’s version of Julia Child. She’s also the host & producer of “Chow & Tell”, a weekly food talk show on Cambridge Community Television.
Stop by the tent on Sept. 14 for a bite to eat and to learn about some fun Do-It-Yourself activities!