Boston Local Food Festival

Presented by Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts

Fish Stock/Seafood Throwdown

Fish Stock is the portion of the Boston Local Food Festival that highlights the fisher folk and the seafood that are local to New England. Sponsored by Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA), The Seafood Throwdown is the main event of Fish Stock! Two chefs engage in a culinary battle of skill and creativity with the secret seafood ingredient. Can you guess the secret seafood?

Competing Chefs this year will feature  A Chef from The Restaurant Opportunity Center of Boston as well as Kevin Conner from Community Servings of Boston.

Stay tuned. 2014 Schedule is coming soon!

The Boston Local Food Festival Seafood Throwdown is hosted by the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA). The Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance works with coastal communities to protect our marine environment, strengthen local leadership, and give voice to independent, community based fishermen. NAMA advocates for policies that advance social, economic, and environmental justice throughout the entire seafood value chain. Also, NAMA piloted the Seafood Throwdown event, which is an educational and community driven activity that promotes the ecological and economic benefits of locally caught seafood.


Chefs are allowed to bring three of their favorite ingredients, and once they discover the secret seafood they must use, they got $25 and 15 minutes to shop the Boston Local Food Festival’s vendors for ingredients. After their shopping spree, they have one hour to cook and present their entry for the judge’s consideration.

Chef Derrick Prince and Chef Christian Collins (Photo Credit: Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance)

Crowd takes in the throwdown action (Photo Credit: Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance)

The Distinguished Judges (from left to right): Callie Crossley of WGBH’s Callie Crossley show, Mass Dept of Fish and Game Commissioner Mary Griffin, Mass Dept of Agriculture Commissioner Scott Soaros, lobsterman David Casoni of the Mass Lobsterman’s Association (Photo Credit: Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance)

Derrick Prince, 2011 winner. Photo Credit: Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance