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A Thought for Food: Batch Ice Cream


After five minutes of talking to the folks at Batch Ice Cream, I knew this was a company that deserved, without a shadow of a doubt, to be a vendor at the Boston Local Food Festival.  They attended last year, but I wasn’t familiar with them back then.  Since that time, however, American Provisions opened here in Southie, and, unfortunately for my waistline, I have consumed my fair share of pints.

What I enjoy so much about their ice cream is the simple ingredient list.  Look at the label and you’ll see maybe five or six ingredients (three of which are going to be milk, eggs, and sugar).  And with each bite, there’s no question of what you’re eating.  You know it… you can taste it.

Now, here’s why Batch is so deserving of being at the Boston Local Food Festival.  This ice cream, inside and out, is local.  The milk that’s used comes from Arruda Dairy in Tiverton, RI (just over the border), where they pasteurize and bottle their own product.  It should be added that Arruda uses free-range cows that eat local feed.    Do I need to keep going?  ‘Cause I’m going to.

– The beans for their coffee ice cream come from Dean’s Beans in Orange, MA, which “only purchases beans from villages and importers that are committed to Fair Trade and working towards better economic opportunity, improved health and nutrition in the villages.”

– The sea salt used in their Salted Caramel Ice Cream (yeah, it’s as good as it sounds) comes from Maine

– The ginger for their Ginger Ice Cream comes from Old Friend’s Farm in Amherst

– Batch distributes their own product, selling directly to local shops

The list keeps going… but I think you get the point.   So, if you plan on attending the Boston Local Food Festival on October 1st, be sure to track down the Batch stand.


This post was written by featured festival blogger Brian Samuels as a Silent Sunday post for his blog A Thought For Food.  For more information about his photography go to Brian Samuels Photography.


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