Boston Local Food Festival

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A Local Hub in JP

Communities need strong hubs.  Places to convene, see your neighbors, catch up on the neighborhood events, and maybe even grab a cup of coffee.

In Jamaica Plain, that hub is City Feed and Supply, located at 672 Centre Street.  The market, opened by owners David Warner and Kristine Cortese in 2008 (the original location at 66A Boylston Street opened in 2000 and remains vibrant), provides “healthy, natural, specialty, local and organic food options” while also aiming to serve the “needs of the community that sustains it.” And that it does.

The facade of the market is always alive, inviting passers-by to come in to shop for local goods and produce, enjoy a great meal from the café, or to hear great music while sampling new food items during their First Thursdays events.

And now, there’s yet another reason to stop in. Along with food, City Feed is thrilled to add beer and wine to their grocery offerings, and the City Feed faithful are excited as well.

“There are some really interesting craft beers being produced in the region right now,” says Warner. “Wine we are getting from around the globe and finding some great small-producer, sustainable and natural options.  I have been like a kid in a candy store watching all of this new stuff come in.”

At City Feed kitchen crew serves up terrific food, and the grocery, cheese, and produce offerings are superb across the board, but what truly sets them apart has always been their mission of putting community first.

Community efforts including Buy Local JP’s “JP Shopping Spree” and “Go Local Week” are fitting examples of how City Feed seeks to be active in supporting its neighborhood and fellow merchants.

The JP Shopping Spree served as a market open house of sorts in Jamaica Plain, and City Feed was right in the mix in its planning and participation.

“The JP Shopping Spree was a great success from my perspective,” began Warner.  “We got a lot of positive feedback from participants who visited businesses they never had before as well as business owners who saw new customers coming into their stores.  What I was personally most excited about was that it was the first time that the three different Main Streets districts of JP (Hyde Square, Centre/South and Egleston) had collaborated on an event that really brought together the whole neighborhood and highlighted the diversity that makes us strong and vibrant.”

Warner continued with thoughts on Buy Local JP. “[Buy Local JP] is about folks giving even more thought to how they spend their dollars and how that impacts the world that they live in. Supporting your local businesses, farms and farmers markets has a short term reward because you get great goods and services, but it also has a long term reward because you are investing in the vibrant landscapes that define our sense of place and our sense of home here in New England.”

In conjunction with the JP Shopping Spree, City Feed collaborated with Local In Season, a website devoted to celebration local food and seasonal cooking, to bring Go Local Week to the store. During this week, seven local vendors sampled their products and, in partnership with City Feed, offered terrific deals on their products.

“Go Local Week was a great way for us to continue to illustrate and reinforce not just the abundance of delicious food that is made locally but also the folks who make that food and the network of relationships that really define a strong local food economy,” commented Warner.

With community and great food in mind, City Feed is thrilled to once again be part of the Boston Local Food Festival.

“This year at our BLFF booth we will again offer some of the regions best farmstead cheeses.  We will also have a simple, affordable sandwich made with local ingredients.  It’s gonna be fun.”

Make sure to visit the City Feed and Supply booth at BLFF, you’re sure to feel right at home.


This post was written by featured festival blogger Jon Ross-Wiley of Local In Season.

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