Boston Local Food Festival

Presented by Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts

Feast for the Eyes Exhibit

Art at 12: Fort Point Arts Community’s alternative community, gallery and performance space

More information on FPAC can be found here. FPAC is located at 300 Summer Street M1, Boston, MA 02210

Feast for the Eyes

What does it mean to nourish or to seek sustenance? In contrast, what does food mean when it is able to tantalize, to be a moment that is savored, when it is able to provide us with the luxury of pleasing our senses? Feast for the Eyes is a visual exploration of the ways in which food captures our senses. Guest Juror: Lauren Winsor, NEFA

Works by: Sylvie Agudelo, Kristen Alexandrov, Eli Alperowicz, Barry Cronin, Kippy Goldfarb, Franck Grall, Elisa Hamilton, Joanne Kaliontzis, Ian Kennelly, Amy MacDonald, Sterling Mulbry, Krina Patel, Khalilah Ramdene, Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano, Ryuji Suzuki



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