Boston Local Food Festival

Presented by Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts

“Slow Down. Eat Well.”

Think about the average food or beverage purchases people make on a day to day basis. Too often these purchases go something like this:

Create list. Drive to the store. Select items from your list. Go through the self checkout line. Drive home. In this scenario, the job is done, mission accomplished. Something is missing, however. Human interaction.

Enter Slow Food USA and it’s local chapter Slow Food Boston. Slow Food USA currently boasts more than 225 chapters and 26,000 members spanning almost every state in the country and Slow Food Boston is proud to be one of the largest and most active of these groups.

Slow Food USA and, by extension, Slow Food Boston, “advocates for food and farming policy that is good for the public, good for farmers and workers, and good for the planet.” The organization forwards this mission through a myriad of volunteer-led local projects, national advocacy campaigns, trainings and education.

As is stated on the Slow Food website, “Slow Food USA seeks to transform our food and farming system through the power of everyday people.”

Slow Food Boston would suggest, and I would whole-heartedly agree, that we need to flip the purchasing scenario outlined above.  Take the organization’s namesake at face value and “slow down.”  In doing so, you will find that a number of things happen.

First, your food purchases will support the small farms and food producers who work tirelessly to provide food of excellent quality to its neighbors and community members. Second, you will meet these food producers, have a conversation about the food, and literally shake the hand that feeds you. With this comes a great satisfaction of knowing where you food came from, but also a degree of accountability on the producers’ side to maintain high standards. Third, you support a food system that places a high value on the environment.  Food purchased locally does not need to travel, thereby keeping the carbon footprint low and the freshness and taste top notch. I could go on and on about the benefits of eating locally, as could any member of Slow Food Boston.

Yes, the Slow Food lifestyle may take more time in your day, but it is well worth it.

Becoming a member comes at a very reasonable price tag, and the benefits definitely outweigh the cost. A donation of $25 or more makes you a member of Slow Food USA.  With a donation of $60 or more, you’ll also get regular discounts on books, publications, and other products. There are also a number of other giving levels to show your support of Slow Food.

Aside from supporting a movement, joining Slow Food Boston will help you eat more seasonally through recipes, and simply have fun with food at any of their many events.

 Visit to join or to simply get more information.  Wrtiting as a proud member of Slow Food USA and Slow Food Boston, I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed.

Slow down. Eat well.

Slow Food Boston is a proud sponsor of the Boston Local Food Festival.

This post was written by featured festival blogger Jon Ross-Wiley of Local In Season.

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