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Sponsor Spotlight: Olivia’s Organics & 70 Years of Family Tradition!


The Boston Local Food Festival comes back to Boston for its third and biggest year yet. On October 7, 2012 on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston Local Food Festival will set up shop with over a hundred vendors taking part. Attendees will get to learn about local sources of fresh food that they can easily access. There will also be many other events, such as local craft beer sampling, learning about beekeeping and learning how to be a better backyard farmer.

One of the festivals repeat sponsors, Olivia’s Organics, will also be on hand to educate, and feed, the masses. As they have done in past years, the company will be on hand to pass out samples of their fresh organic produce. Kenneth Reagan, a representative from Olivia’s Organics, says the company does “…strive to maintain a sustainable food system and increase the availability of healthy local food to our local communities. Our mission aligns perfectly with Boston Local Food Festival and we look forward to sharing it with festival-goers.”

Olivia’s Organics is a locally owned family business which supports local agriculture, as well as events such as the Boston Local Food Festival, which bring communities together. More than 70 years ago, Olivia’s great grandfather Giovanni, sold celery hearts out of a produce stall in Faneuil Hall. Today, Olivia’s Organics continues that tradition by providing only the freshest organic tender leaf lettuces for their salads.

Although Olivia’s Organics goes out of their way to support and purchase fresh, local produce throughout the year, doing so can get a bit tough in the colder months. “Given the climate in New England it is necessary for Olivia’s Organics to purchase produce from farms in various locations throughout the United States. “ says Kenneth. He continues, “The time from farm to your plate varies based on the season and specific harvest location, but as always, it is packaged right here in Boston for maximum freshness.”

Events such as the Boston Local Food Festival are pivotal to creating a bridge between locally sourced food and members of the local community. The festival is a simple and fun way in which community members can see all of the fresh food that is being produced around them. From farmer’s markets to restaurant rooftop gardens, there are many interesting places where your local food is coming from. Mr. Reagan states that Olivia’s Organics enjoys participating in events like this because “We’re a local business. We work with local farms and local charities.  We’re a grass-roots company and love the opportunity to showcase our healthy sustainable products. Partnering with Boston Local Food Festival and similar events allows us to interact with existing customers and create new ones.”

Not only does Olivia’s Organics support local agriculture, business and events – they also donate a percentage of profits to Olivia’s Organics Charitable Foundation. The foundation was set-up by the company to support community-based children’s charities. Speaking further to their charitable donations, Kenneth says “Early on, we learned that one of the first rules of organic farming is to give back to the earth. We practice this by investing in the lives of the children who live in the communities where our salads are sold.” Some of the charities in which donations are made include The Greater Boston Food Bank, The Boys and Girls Clubs, The Food Project and Children’s Hospital of Boston.

Olivia’s Organics is just one of the many companies and organizations which will be participating at the Boston Local Food Fest on October 7th. Be sure to set aside some time to stop by the Greenway, taste some fresh (and free!) food samples and learn more about where you can find local food in your neighborhood.


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