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Wunderkind and the Brew’s of Bantam Cider

If there is one thing I love more than local food, it would be beverages of the adult persuasion which also happen to be created locally. On October 5th, 2012 the Local Craft Brewfest will be taking place on the waterfront of Boston by the HarborPark at the Moakley Courthouse. There will be plenty of locally produced and sourced beverages available for sampling. The event is in conjunction with the Boston Local Food Fest. happening on October 7th.

One of the many local companies taking part is Bantam Cider Company, recently founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Specializing in cider only, this small but delicious company has been off to a great start in their short eight months of business.

 The company chose their name because “the word bantam means small and mighty. When we were looking for a name, we wanted something that was a metaphor for our home market of Boston and at the same time, would embody our company – which is a small cider company in a sea of very large beverage brands.” explains Michelle da Silva of Bantam.

Bantam Cider Company’s first endeavor is a cider they have named “Wunderkind”. The name is in honor of one of the greatest modern adventurers, Amelia Earhart, who just happens to have local ties as well.

At the moment, Bantam is concentrating their energy on creating a variety of ciders. The company hopes to focus on cider in a way that people begin to reshape the way they experience it. Bantam has been experimenting with several new ideas, including a heavier farmhouse style cider and one with some accents of other fruits and spices.

The company is excited to take part in the Local Craft Brewfest this year. “We look forward to being with a great crowd of discerning drinkers that appreciate craft beer and cider.” says Michelle. She goes on to say that Bantam Cider Company is “looking forward to a fun night and a chance to talk and taste with attendees as well as the other local business owners.” It is a fun and hands-on way for locals to find out about all of the delicious and inventive brews that are being created right in their own neighborhoods.

With autumn fast approaching, Bantam Cider Company will be starting up production again in late September/early October. At that time, apples fresh from central and western Massachusetts vineyards will be pressed for sweet cider. Bantam then adds yeast and ferments the cider in stainless steel tanks. Once ready, the cider is then blended to create the final product.

Be sure to stop by the Local Craft Brewfest to experience this cider firsthand – your senses will not be disappointed. If you can’t wait until October 5th, you can also find Bantam cider in many stores, restaurants and bars throughout the metro Boston area.

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