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Barbara Lynch Gruppo and Sportello!

One of Boston’s most prominent restauranteurs is Barbara Lynch, founder of the Barbara Lynch Gruppo, a collection of nine award winning restaurants. For many years now, this top chef has honed in on her vision: to have an array of different dining destinations, all marked with her top tier expectations in food, service and atmosphere.  She is also an ardent supporter of the local food movement, as all of her restaurants attest. As with last year, the BLG will be making an appearance at the Boston Local Food Festival, held on the 7th of October at the Greenway.

Here is a little display of exactly what the BLG has to offer diners in Boston, as well as some thoughts on incorporating the local food movement into every Barbara Lynch venture.

On a finer dining scale, you have Menton, recent winner of the prestigious Chateau Relais and the Beacon Hill establishment, No. 9 Park, another recent award winner, this time for the James Beard Award in the ‘Best Wine Program’ category…oh, and for Lynch’s creation of one of Boston’s most iconic dishes…the prune stuffed gnocchi…pictured above.

In the South End, Lynch has three spots,The Butcher Shop and B&G Oysters which are facing each other on Waltham and Tremont Streets. A little further along Waltham you may walk past a little door that reads ‘Stir’.  Behind this modest little door is a wonderful world of cooking classes, taught by a fabulous team, also known as The Stir Girls.

The  BLG is also responsible for one of Boston’s first bar scenes buzzing around the art of craft cocktail-ing at Drink.

As you can see, there are few stones Chef Lynch has left unturned and her legacy is made all the stronger by her dedication to building lasting and meaningul relationships with everyone she does business with, from farmers to purveyors and winemakers.

With such a holistic approach, it is no wonder the BLG makes an appearance at the Boston Local Food Festival. Last year, Sportello made an impression with the most delicious pork belly focaccia sandies and look forward to having them again this year!

Keep an eye for them this year, they will be sure to have something tantalizing on hand and even better, their Brick and Mortar will be just on the other side of the bridge:)

This post was written by Rachel Cossar of Foodista on Pointe, go check her out!

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