Boston Local Food Festival

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Cheers to Local!

Often those who appreciate fine food enjoy great beverages.  Modern Homebrew Emporium will be participating in The Local Craft Brewfest, a fundraiser for the Boston Local Food Festival that will showcase craft brewers, artisan brews, and local food producers at the Courthouse on October 5.

In addition to beer and wine, Modern Homebrew Emporium is also involved in home cheesemaking.  At the Local Craft Brewfest, Chris will be demonstrating and discussing cheesemaking, providing samples of fromage blanc and fromagina. Be sure to stop by to try the cheese and discuss hobby brewing and winemaking!

Chris Maggiolo from Modern Homebrew Emporium is looking forward to people’s excitement when they realize that homebrewing, winemaking, and cheesemaking are all viable hobbies.  He commented, “It’s also great to see the local brewing community coming together at an event.  The craft beer initiative is unique in that colleagues and competitors tend to be so amicable, helping each other out and truly supporting the craft as a whole.  It’s great to see such camaraderie manifest itself at a festival such as this one.”

Sourcing some products locally, current and past partners include Valley Malt of Hadley, MA, a local micro-malster, and Four Star Farms in Northfield, MA for whole hops used for brewing. They also sell some regional raw honey and have been phasing in house-made brewing kits for beginning brewers and hobbyists.

For anyone interested in getting started with homebrewing, a batch of beer takes only a couple weeks, but those who want to get deeper into the hobby can dedicate themselves to truly perfecting a recipe, which can be a life’s work. Recipes are available to help guide brewers and the staff has plenty of advice to share.

You don’t need to wait until October 5th to celebrate; there will be a customer appreciation day on September 29, 2012.  This is a great opportunity for interested brewers to stop in as they gear up for the local food festival weekend.

One of the nation’s original homebrew suppliers, the Homebrew Emporium in Rensselaer, NY was founded in 1984 and incorporated in February 1988. Purchased by the current owners in 1997, it’s the flagship operation of Homebrew Emporium, Inc., which now includes four locations. Established by Bruce Lucier in West Boylston, MA in September 1999, WBHE is central Massachusetts’ largest homebrew supplier.  The Modern Brewer opened in Cambridge in 1990. After a few years of retail sales, the business relocated to Davis Square, evolving into a Brew-On-Premise aspiring to be a microbrewery, now the Modern Homebrew Emporium.  In January 2012, the newest store, the South Shore Homebrew Emporium, opened in Weymouth, MA.


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