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Delicious Fruit Cordials and Spreads are the Name of the Game at Bug Hill Farm

Kate Kerivan produces some of the most unique cordials, fruit spreads, and sauces on the market today.   On her 50 acre Bug Hill Farm, aptly named for its location on Bug Hill Road in Ashfield, something magical is happening. Organic fruit including strawberries, elderberries, gooseberries, currants, rhubarb, and raspberries are lovingly cultivated and turned into delicious fruit essences that are wonderful alternatives to the processed products that plague our diets today.

Kerivan’s most popular product is a black currant cordial named Kiss of Cassis. Loaded with healthy antioxidants, Kiss of Cassis combines pressed black currants with locally sourced organic honey into a flavor packed concentrated (but never from concentrate) syrup. Kiss of Cassis can be added to your favorite beverage (alcoholic or otherwise) or drizzled onto ice cream or sorbet for a wonderful summer treat. Kerivan also offers other spreads and sauces including the popular Rhubarb Rush cordial and Essence of Raspberry shrub.

Situated high above sea level, Bug Hill Farm is better protected from the temperature swings of the valley below and does not suffer from sudden crop killing frosts. This makes for healthier plants which produce better, more tasty fruit.

In keeping with the farm’s name, Kerivan strives to grow plans which attract insects that are native pollinators and she even keeps honey and bumblebees on the property. She plans to add a commercial kitchen and retail space sometime next year.

With help from her wonderful staff, Kerivan attends several farmers markets each week spanning from Amherst to Cambridge where her products attract an educated, discerning pallet.  Her customers appreciate the natural, unadulterated flavor of fruit her products offer.

But running an organic farm is hard work and Kerivan admits that there’s never enough time in the day to complete everything. She’s having her biggest year ever, but that just means more hard work is needed. Beginning at dawn, Kerivan and her staff start their day with irrigating the crops, playing catch up from the drought earlier in the season. Then it’s off to walk the fields, looking out for trouble spots and staying ahead of the insects. Being a keen observer is what makes a successful farmer, Kerivan says. Knowing what’s going on in your fields helps you plan and anticipate for what could happen in the future.

Kerivan is thrilled to be a part of the Boston Local Food Festival for a third year, and absolutely loves the location and the festival’s reach. “It’s a great way to get people interested in farmers markets,” says Kerivan who is adamant about working towards sustainability while preserving farms for generations to come. “Our mission is succession, not just about protecting farms, but keeping them affordable for generations to come.” You’ll be able to find Kate Kerivan with the rest of the Bug Hill team and their delicious cordials and sauces at this year’s Boston Local Food Festival, be sure check them out!

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