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Why is SBN Organizing a Local Craft Brewfest?

Why is SBN organizing a Local Craft Brewfest? The SBN Brewfest crew received an inquiry today from a potential patron who inquired why we were featuring Brewers that did not offer local ingredients.  I thought I would share my response with our network.

Here is my response:

Thank you for reaching out. I am glad you asked the question, because we want people to pay attention to what we are trying to achieve. The goal of SBN Local Craft Brewfest is to highlight, promote and support local Brew vendors and we encourage brewers to feature brews with local ingredients as much as possible. Sustainable Business Network’s definition of local is sourcing ingredients from New England, starting with as close to home as possible. Our aim is to support economies that are local, green and fair so that we have thriving local businesses and healthier communities. We do that by supporting the local food economy and stimulating and encouraging connections between the brewers and local supplier sources.

Through events such as Boston Local Food Festival, Local Craft Brewfest and Hyper-Local Brewfest we engage customers and patrons like you who might want to support local businesses and local sourcing. We do not expect that every Brew vendor will source all their ingredients in their brews locally, but we want to start the conversation with them and encourage them to consider trading with local businesses first. That is what we are about and we can’t transform the local food system alone. We need others to join in the movement and show that we can obtain a strong local economy by choosing local first.
I have reviewed the products to be featured at our Local Craft Brewfest and I am pleased to share what other Brewers, including Wineries, Meaderies, Ciders, and Distilleries are offering. It tells me that our message is getting across to the Brewers we are working with. Cheers to that! If you support the local food movement and you want to join us in celebrating with us, we welcome you.


Nicola Williams, The Williams Agency
Board Member, Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts
Producer, SBN Boston Local Food Festival and SBN Local Craft Brewfest

Join our movement, support local food, support local first, join SBN
Eat local. Drink local. Be local.

Posted by: Nicola on September 26, 2012 @ 9:00 am
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