Boston Local Food Festival

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Blue Tierra Chocolate Satisfies Boston’s Sweet Tooth

 It’s finally here! This Sunday, October 7th, the Boston Local Food Festival will take over the Rose Kennedy Greenway with delicious, locally sourced treats. Among those vendors will be Jen Turner, founder of Blue Tierra Chocolate.


After graduating from culinary school, Jen worked in several pastry shops and bakeries. Through those experiences she decided to go back to school for her business degree. With her second degree in hand, Jen sought out a way to combine her love for sweets with her business prowess and the result was Blue Tierra.


Turner says, “I knew I wanted to do something with food after I graduated from my business program. I decided chocolate was the perfect thing for me. There aren’t many hand crafted chocolatiers in Boston, so I knew I could contribute something to the local food community.”


Jen takes a global approach to her chocolate in the sense that she tries to showcase flavors and styles from around the world. The name of the company, Blue Tierra, comes from the Spanish word for earth (tierra). Turner says many of the chocolates in the shop are named after places around the world.


Though the flavor profiles come from across the globe, many of Blue Tierra’s ingredients are local. “We obviously can’t get chocolate locally because it doesn’t grow here, but all of our dairy, produce, coffee and tea is local, fair trade and/or organic. We use Equal Exchange in West Bridgewater, MA for our coffee. We love them.”


Blue Tierra has a series of regular confections (including vegan options) but their specialty is custom orders. Need a birthday surprise? Wedding favors? They’ve got you covered. Jen takes all kinds of special requests in order to make your celebration extra sweet. Blue Tierra is willing to ship gifts, so if you’d like to send their candy onto a friend out of state, they can do that too.


Now that you’re nice and hungry, let’s talk about what Blue Tierra will be showcasing at the festival on Sunday. Stop by their booth for candy apples (caramel and chocolate dipped), chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered Oreos, candy bars, chocolate chip cookies and French macaroons.


If you aren’t able to catch Jen and Blue Tierra at the festival, soon the shop will be moving for South Boston to Fort Point and setting up under a new name, Bee’s Knees Supply Company. They expect to open their doors in mid-November, so keep an eye out, chocoholics!


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