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Raise a Glass with Privateer Rum at SBN’s 3rd Annual Local Brewfest

On Friday October 5th local craft brewers from across the state of Massachusetts will gather for SBN’s 3rd Annual Local Craft Brewfest at the John Joseph Moakly U.S. Courthouse in the Seaport District. This celebration is not only for beer fanatics, but cocktail enthusiasts as well.

At the Local Brewfest, Ipswich-based Privateer Rum will be serving up cocktails featuring their silver reserve and aged amber rum. Privateer launched in June 2011 and has set up shop on the North Shore. Many other local brewers and distillers are also based in Ipswich, MA. Privateer’s Kofi Thomas commented, “Ipswich is experiencing this strange boom in brewing and distilling. There’s a great camaraderie among all of us. We’re like our own little neighborhood.”

Thomas got his start with Privateer while working at the Boston Shaker in Davis Square in Somerville, a haven for cocktail aficionados. One of the Privateer founders came in to ask about cocktails recipes, Thomas dreamed up some creative libations and the client was so impressed, he asked him to join the Privateer team full time.

Thomas’ day-to-day work now includes developing unique, seasonal cocktails featuring Privateer’s rum, many of which include local ingredients. “Many of our cocktails include ingredients from the farms in Ipswich. We like to use their cucumbers, cilantro, mint and more. People don’t realize that you can grow a lot of the best cocktail ingredients yourself,” Thomas said.

Not only does Privateer support local businesses, they also welcome in the locals. You can visit Privateer Rum’s distillery in Ipswich, take a tour of the facility and learn the company story. Thomas shares, “It’s rare to get to see where a liquor bottle starts. It doesn’t start on the liquor store shelf. When people visit our distillery, we can show them the entire process. We’re always trying to get better and improve our product, so having immediate customer feedback is really important to us.”

If you aren’t able to head up to Ipswich, you can taste the Privateer offerings at Local Craft Brewfest on Friday! Thomas let us in on what they’re serving, “We are going to be doing a cocktail that includes our rum and Smuttynose beer that’s sort of a play on a daiquiri, but with more effervescence.” Yum!

Catch up with Kofi at Local Craft Brewfest and around town at some of his favorite cocktail spots – Highland Kitchen, Posto or Foundry, all in Somerville.

This post was written by Molly Galler of Pop Bop Shop, go check her out!

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