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Bantam Cider Brings Unique Tastes to the Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest

It’s hard not to get excited when talking about the 2nd Annual Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest (HLB)! This unique event, set to take place on June 14th and 15th at The Armory in Somerville, highlights local brewers of beer, cider and mead; artisan beverage makers; home brewers; and food vendors, while trying to raise awareness about local food. If you are a foodie or craft-brew fan then this event is for you.

I had the opportunity to speak with Michelle da Silva from Bantam Cider, a returner to The Amory for her second HLB, to discuss Bantam Cider’s involvement at the festival and why you should check them out.

The team at Bantam Cider is most looking forward to participating in this year’s event because of how it brings together local producers with a community that truly appreciates what goes into the products that are offered at HLB. To the Bantam folks, HLB is a great opportunity to interact with a group of people who really want to learn more about craft cider.

The name Bantam means “small and mighty” and embodies the company’s spirit and identity – “a little company fighting its way amongst big brands.” They consider Boston to be a little city with a lot of passion and a lot of fight. In other words, Boston is a Bantam City.

Bantam’s mission is to make creative and distinctive high quality craft ciders, and in the process, to redefine the boundaries of what modern day cider can be. Their mission is not only to make great cider, but also to be a great. To them, this means being socially responsible and playing a positive role in the community. For example, through partnerships with local growers, they source all their apples from local orchards and are committed to using local ingredients whenever possible.

Bantam has created a truly unique and modern line of products; the original Wunderkind, a barrel-aged cider; La Grande; and a recently introduced line of wild fermented ciders, one with pressed cherries, and a couple of batches with hops. Each cider was crafted to be distinctive and to challenge what people expected cider to be, and each cider is remarkably different from one another. I had the opportunity to try the Wunderkind, which is made from a blend of local apples, and is both bright and crisp with a hint of honey.

Click on these links for more information on Bantam Cider or to purchase tickets to HLB.

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