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The Perfect Brew is Waiting, Just Down the Road

Down the Road Brewery began when timing met opportunity,  mixed with 20 years homebrewing experience. This lead to the idea and concept of Donovan Bailey starting his own venture.

 Donovan wanted a name that captured his vision, and encompassed an image that was “just down the road” to any localite. Their presence this weekend at the Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest will involve giving samples of his very tasty small batch brew, which isn’t something to be missed. Since they aren’t manufacturing yet, this will be your special opportunity to taste some one of a kind craft beers that are unlike any others you’ve had.

 The approach that really sets them apart is based on tradition mixed with innovation. It’s not about the amount of ingredients or finding the craziest thing to throw in your batch that will catch people’s eye and taste buds – it’s about making a quality product and treating the ingredients properly, combined with a few spices that create their unique styles and putting a spin on the classics.

 “I want to put a beer in front of you where if you taste it, you’ll know what it is. It might remind you of others, but you’ll know it came from Down the Road. That’s where the innovation comes from, a unique twist on classic flavors to give it our touch – you take a sip, and it just lingers long enough for you to want another one.”

 Donovan also has a German influence both in technique and flavor profiles. I was lucky enough to taste a few of his beers, including his Kolsch, a fermented ale that actually has imported German hops. I also tried his English Brown Nut Ale that has a little honey from an orchard in Stowe, MA. A goal of Donovan’s is to launch an all-local beer: by giving out rhizomes at the beginning of the season, people can grow their own hops and bring them to Donovan to be made into a delicious beer.

 Donovan is really excited to be participating in the Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest because it’s a great event that supports a cause he strongly believes in and supports his mantra of local food. He wants to put freshest beer into people’s hands.

 Make sure to sign up for their email newsletters so you can find out more about the beer and the company’s Kickstarter! The localized movement is exactly what Down the Road speaks to, and is hoping the Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest will generate the buzz the beer deserves.

This post was written by Lindsey Slack of Plate of Mind, go check her out!

Posted by: Lindsey Slack on June 13, 2013 @ 8:00 pm
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