Boston Local Food Festival

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Boston Pride Embodied in Style & Sourcing at The Fireplace Restaurant

On October 6, The Fireplace restaurant will once again be joining the 4th annual Boston Local Food Festival.  Owner and chef Jim Solomon’s inspiration for the restaurant stems back to being a 10-year-old boy during the bicentennial, when he walked from Lincoln to Concord, and met President Ford at the Olde North Bridge. “This was the moment I developed a great pride in being a Bostonian,” says Jim, and it sparked his lifelong interest in “the time period; local ingredients, wood burning, and rod iron cooking.” And 12 years ago, that passion, manifested itself into The Fireplace.

The Fireplace, located in Brookline’s Washington Square, is a New England grill and barbeque, with an emphasis on wood-smoked and rotisserie dishes utilizing the freshest offerings from the New England region. The restaurant was founded with the idea of buying local. Jim believes in a low carbon footprint, not wanting to waste energy, and really supporting the local farmers, fishermen, and cheesemongers. Jim believes in serving what’s fresh and local, supporting the local economy, and serving food with the best flavor and health benefits.

The Fireplace is Boston’s first, and Brookline’s only Certified Green Restaurant. Jim is working hard to promote food and environmental sustainability, and to encourage other restaurants to get involved in this movement and become more ecologically friendly.

Jim is excited to be back at BLFF “to help raise awareness of not only local chefs, but also the importance of supporting your community, and keeping the dollars you spend in that community. It’s really important to maximize that point— from an ecological stand point, it’s best not having to truck in ingredients and when you buy what’s fresh and local, the flavors tend to be superior.” Many chefs do not grow up with a connection to the local environment the way Jim did, and he hopes the BLLF can introduce other chefs to how to utilize local ingredients in their preparations of world-influenced cuisines.

The Fireplace offers a gluten free menu. His commitment to gluten free “started by accident.”

“I knew some people were coming in who had a gluten intolerance and wanted to help them eat what they wanted. That’s what I do as a chef – cook for people- and I didn’t want anyone to go without tasty options just because they were somewhat limited in what they could order.” So he started learning more about what he could serve to be helpful and accommodating to people with gluten intolerance and celiac, and now you can order a full gluten free meal complete with dinner rolls, sandwiches, pizzas, entrees and desserts provided by a local gluten free bakery.

It is clear that Jim is making a difference in our community in so many ways. He continues to sponsor and partake in several charity events and organizations throughout the year, offers a Humble Offerings menu, serves on the boards of many local committees, and founded

This post was written by Jessica Dennis of Gluten Free Boston Girl, go check her out!

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