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Percival: Dorchester’s Finest New Beer Company

Photo taken by Zack Bernstein.

I’ve never been a big fan of beer. On Sunday, September 22nd 2013, this changed forever.

It all happened at Percival Beer Company’s launch party for its new brew, DOT Ale 1630.

A kind stranger opened a chilled bottle with his keys for me and I took a swig. Its light and smooth texture tickled in a pleasant way down my throat. Its flavor was refreshing and distinct. It landed gently and warmly in my stomach.

I put the beer to my lips and took another gulp. Then I spoke to its creator, Filipe E. Oliveira, head of the Percival Beer Company. Then, I realized that in order to understand the Percival Beer Company and why Dot Ale is one of a kind, a basic understanding of Dorchester, Boston (where Filipe is based), is mandatory.

Puritans from Dorset, England discovered Dorchester in 1630 as a source of business for railroads. It became annexed by Boston in 1870 and is now known as Dorchester (Dot for short). Today, it is incredibly diverse—home to people from a mixing pot of backgrounds ranging from Caribbean to Asian American.

While Dorchester has been known for its tumbledown houses and unsafe environment—it is deeply misunderstood. Artists are now using its historical and diverse streets as roots for creation. In the process, it is being imbued with new life and vitality.

One upcoming artist to do this is Filipe Oliveira, an artisanal brewer, who has managed to infuse the culture and history of Dorchester into his beer.

DOT Ale 1630, exemplifies this, as its flavor captures the new and upcoming essence of Dorchester, but also reflects the town’s history with its golden amber color and versatile ability to pair with any local Boston dish.

It is simple enough to be enjoyed by a beer newcomer; but, also unique and distinct enough to be appreciated by a foodie or anyone in between.

According to Filipe, the combination of his beers’ uniqueness and simultaneous adaptability to different people’s palates is what he wishes to contribute to this years 4th Annual Local Craft Brewfest.

It is no wonder that the Percival Beer Company has come a long way in a short amount of time. It opened in January of 2013 and had just been granted its distribution license in May. It is now 100% independent and Filipe is totally dedicated to utilizing his company in order to distribute craft beer into the commercial world.

If he has moved this quickly in a matter of months, Filipe’s future in the beer world over the next year is incredibly promising.

Be sure to look for Filipe and the Percival Beer Company at the 4th Annual Local Craft Brewfest on October 12th .

For more information, check out his website here.

This post was written by Pauline Hevia from KickinKitchen.TV. Go check her out!

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