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As Hyper-Local As It Gets: “5-Mile Ales” Sourced Within… Well, 5 Miles

Summer Ale Ipswich Ale Brewery sets itself apart by brewing it’s ales as naturally as possible: unfiltered and unpasteurized. This “english” style of brewing gives their ales a fuller flavor than other ales. Ipswich also sets itself by growing some of its own ingredients. So from year to year, and season to season, things can taste slightly different.  Ipswich Ale also has special edition “5 Mile Ales.”

5-Mile Ales have at least one ingredient sourced from within 5 miles of the brewery, and all of the ingredients sourced within Massachusetts. They’re special edition, small batched, and put out at random so you’ll always want to be on the look out for it.


Ipswich Ale is a staple in their community, and acts as such. That’s part of why doing locally sourced ales is important. “It’s a win-win,” says Mary Gormley who has worked at Ipswich Ales as their sales and event coordinator for about 3.5 years. “We have an amazing consumer base here so if there’s any way for us to help others who are local and support and utilize local ingredients, and support the local economy that’s what we’re about. It’s about togetherness- we are all in this together.” Ipswich Ale also acts as a contract brewer- so other, smaller brewers can rent their facilities. Ipswich will then brew and package their beer for them. Just another way Ipswich Ale keeps that open, community flow.


Coming up, Ipswich is releasing their new ‘Route 101 IPA’ which is a west coast style IPA. It’s the first beer being released from their new brewery- a building that Rob helped design (in a prior life, Rob was an architect), and will be the first time people are allowed into the brewery.  Now that they’re in the new space, Ipswich hopes to be opening a beer club in the fall as a way to open their doors and bring beer lovers together.


The last keg of the current 5-Mile Ale will be available for tasting at the Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest. This Ale has its hops sourced from Ipswich Ale’s own backyard, and grains from Alprilla Farm located just 4 miles away. The rest of the ingredients are sourced from within Massachusetts. Joining the 5 Mile Ale at the Brewfest will be the Ipswich Original Ale, a pale ale, and their Summer ale which is a lighter pale ale. So make sure to stop on by and have a taste!

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