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Herbs-in-Fusion: Jelly Maker Cooks up Unusual Combinations

Kristi defines herbs as “plants with a purpose.” Their beauty, aroma, and flavor diversity lend to creative uses in cooking and crafting alike. Most herbs lose their freshness quickly after clipping or exposu


re to temperature changes, so finding reliable ways to preserve them has long been an objective of herb enthusiasts.

Kristi began with a passion for growing, nurturing, preserving, work with, and using plants with a purpose. Over time her interests expanded beyond herbs and landscape edibles into the world of gourds. After filling her own pantry and those of her friends with homemade jellies, Kristi Marshall had two choices: stop experimenting or start a business. She chose the latter.


Herb-In-Fusion has gradually become a unique collection of artisan specialty products that are now available to purchase. This unique collection includes pepper and herb-infused jellies, dried herbs, chile peppers, fruits, and seasonings, and the Rind line of nature-inspired gourd art and birdhouse gourds.


The savory herb jellies are available in over 40 varieties including lemon basil, spiced apple cider, watermelon oregano, cranberry garlic, jalapeño peach pepper, and lemon tarragon wine.


The smooth blend of flavors in this unique line of jellies can be compliment or enhance dressings, cheeses, seafood, vegetables, pastries, and desserts.1


“The thing that makes me different from other jelly or jam producers is the clarity of the product,” said Marshall of her jewel-toned preserves.

“It’s strongly infused with the herb flavor.” Kristi favors preserving the essence of herbs through heat-infusion and drying methods. She uses her own fresh-cut herbs to produce herb and pepper jellies with unique flavor combinations; and she encourages the use of whole dried herbs rather than crushed supermarket varieties.


Whenever possible Kristi is proud to use and promote locally grown and produced ingredients, plants, and supplies.


This is Kristi’s first year at the Boston Local Food Festival and only her second year of operation. Kristi is “excited to introduce my product line to the Boston market, especially to a community who is seeking to buy locally produced artisan products.”

Herb-in-Fusion is located in Marion, MA. Kristi’s products can also be found at the following retail locations:


  • Hangman Coffee Hut, Marion, MA
  • Harriott’s Catering, Marion, MA
  • How on Earth, Mattapoisett, MA
  • Tihonet Village Market, Wareham, MA
  • TL6 the Gallery, New Bedford, MA
  • Town Wharf General Store, Mattapoisett, MA
  • Turks Seafood Market & Sushi Bar, Mattapoisett, MA


Kristi will also be at various Farmers Markets throughout the state this summer. For a complete list of Farmers Market locations and upcoming events click here.


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