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The Epitome of Fresh: Mozzarella House Cheeses

As kids, we dream that the moon is made of cheese–cheddar, swiss, American. But there’s a whole other world of cheese besides the moon, the world of soft fresh cheese like that made by Mozzarella House. Specializing in cheeses such as mozzarella, burrata and ricotta, owner Giuseppe Argentieri has grown production since taking over the business five years ago. A veteran festival vendor, Mozzarella House has been in business for 25 years, participating in the Boston Local Food Festival for the past five years.


Keeping to the traditions and values of BLFF, Argentieri has kept the ingredients for his cheeses locally supplied and extremely fresh. With no chemicals or preservatives, the shelf-life is shorter than mass-produced cheese. Milk from local farms is pasteurized to remove bacteria but at a lower temperature than other companies to retain the good enzymes that enrich the flavor. The curds from the heated milk are used to make mozzarella and burrata, also a soft cheese filled with mozzarella pieces.


While the mozzarella is formed using a stretching machine, the burrata filling is stretched by hand, another way Mozzarella House keeps the cheese process traditional and authentic. Using different style drums, mozzarella balls are punched out. The milk byproduct is then used to create ricotta so very little goes to waste.


After chatting with Giuseppe about Mozzarella House, I quickly went out and purchased their mozzarella and burrata from Russo’s in Watertown. When asked what his favorite recipe is for the cheese, Giuseppe explained that there is no need to dress up the cheese, it is flavorful and delicious without seasoning like salt, pepper or balsamic. Traditionally, summer means tomatoes and mozzarella with balsamic for me but I took his advice and ate it plain. It was rich and flavorful, just as promised. The burrata is made with heavier cream so resembles mozzarella but with a richer flavor. For this, I tried the cheese with peaches, just like you would pair a sweet topping or ice cream with fruit. Giuseppe also recommends his cheeses be enjoyed with plain bread.


You can find Mozzarella House cheese at Russo’s or through calling the company directly. If you are dining out at local restaurants such as Capital Grille or Grill 23, you just might be enjoying some of Mozzarella House’s finest! Of course you can also come by the festival on September 14th for an in-person experience.

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