Boston Local Food Festival

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Something Between a Spaceship and a Conestoga Wagon


Those insulated boxes from Domino’s keep your food hot, but they’re certainly not the classiest way to get a pizza delivered. Based in Hampton, New Hampshire, Flatbread Company’s unique mobile oven will cater your event in style. This contraption is a real wood fired oven on wheels, always open for business, and happy to come to you and do the cooking in the location of your choice. Looking like something between a spaceship and a conestoga wagon, the oven will make a great conversation starter and a pretty backdrop for your outdoor event.

But catering isn’t the only arena in which Flatbread is ahead of the curve. When the company started in 1998, the founders were seeking out local, organic ingredients before it was cool. Flatbread’s first location in Amesbury, Massachusetts, was quick to befriend nearby farms who were also just starting out, and these relationships have proven mutually beneficial over the last sixteen years. As Flatbread has expanded to include 11 locations in New England, it has continued to place a high premium on the power of community in each of the the towns and cities it joins, seeking out places where its product fits with an existent demand.


For example, fans of the Davis Square neighborhood will recognize Flatbread as “that really great pizza you get when you go candlepin bowling.” Flatbread’s Somerville location shares its space with Sacco’s Bowling, the last remaining branch of a long time Boston institution run by the Sacco family since 1939. Flatbread and Sacco’s have become synonymous with one another in Davis Square, each complementing the other, and helping to draw crowds to this unique space.

Look for Flatbread’s mobile oven at this year’s Boston Local Food Festival no matter your diet. With create your own pizza options. plenty of organic, free-range, and locally sourced meats and cheeses, and even optional gluten free dough, you’re sure to find something to please everyone.

This post was written by Jane Ward of Corn Free July. Go check her out!

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