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What’s Poppin’ at Michele’s Sweet Shoppe

Did you know…

  • The average American eats nearly 70 quarts of popcorn a year.
  • Popcorn kernels can pop up to 3 feet in the air.
  • The world’s largest popcorn ball was 8 feet in diameter, nearly 24.5 feet in circumference, and weighed in at a whopping 3,423 pounds.


Now that’s a lot of popcorn.

When I think of popcorn, I immediately think of Boy Scout popcorn but after talking with the owner of Michele’s Sweet Shoppe, Michele Holbrook, this has quickly changed. After bringing white chocolate popcorn to Girl Scout meetings and teachers as gifts, owner and founder Michele Holbrook realized she had a niche idea that was in high demand in her New Hampshire town.

Going on their 7th year in the business of flavored gourmet popcorn, Michele and her family continue to create new snacks with local ingredients. Although the corn itself comes from the Midwest, they make all their seasonings themselves rather than purchasing in bulk. This gives their product a one of a kind flavor and quality (fitted with natural ingredients for their flavors instead of sugary syrups or dyes) that they strive to uphold.

micheles offerings (1)What started as a small business in Epsom, New Hampshire has grown into a strong online business and wholesale market. Michele’s Gourmet Popcorn has even catered to the stars, appearing in Emmy and Kid Choice Award swag bags in Las Vegas and Hollywood.

Michele’s Gourmet Popcorn will make its premiere at the Boston Local Food Festival this fall where they will have samples as well as bags for sale. Personally, I hope to find some chocolate apple harvest popcorn on the menu, so much more than just kettle corn!

This post was written by Emily Lesinski of Live Love Lemon. Go check her out!

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