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You’ll Like This One: Shopping for a Cause


Glenwood Garden is a for-profit business with a social mission — to help nonprofits gain a new source of revenue by being an online conduit for sales of goods and services. Every purchase made helps nonprofits all over the United States continue to provide vital and socially beneficial programs to their local communities.


The idea for Glenwood Garden grew from a need expressed by a nonprofit organization called Toledo Grows, a community garden outreach program of the Toledo Botanical Garden. They asked co-founder Norm Rapino, a member of their first advisory group, to identify a sustainable and low effort source of income that would allow the organization to reduce staff time spent fundraising so that they could spend more time running their successful programs. In the end, the plan that we devised would help not just their organization, but hundreds if not thousands of nonprofits across the country. Thus Glenwood Garden was founded.


Glenwood Garden (GG) L3C is a social enterprise that supports nonprofit organizations by providing them access to a recurring-revenue stream generated by the sale of artisan made foods on our e-commerce market.

Fifty percent of gross profits earned through sales made by a participating nonprofits’ network of supporters are shared back to the nonprofit using a participation code.

Shoppers not referred by a nonprofit and sourced by GG itself share 25% of the net profits from their purchases with the participating nonprofit of their choice.


GG will be participating in the Boston Local Food Festival for their first time this fall. They are looking forward to meeting food artisans and creators from all over New England. After attending the event last year, they met many artisans with whom they then partnered with and whose products are  now “stock” in GG’s e-commerce market.


At the GG table this year, they will be sharing information about artisan and nonprofit partners, the “Shopping for a Cause” platform, and also displaying one of their Artisan Food Gift Boxes. Every month they curate a collection of 6-7 artisan products as an exciting way to introduce them to site visitors. This is a great way to be introduced to their unique line of food offerings, and also who doesn’t love to receive a delicious gift?!


GG participates in the local food movement in two ways. First by partnering with food artisans that create sustainably made products, using either organic, fair trade, or locally sourced ingredients to create the unique food items. Second, by supporting nonprofits who are actively involved in environmental sustainability and food justice, security, and systems. Food For Free in Cambridge MA rescues fresh food that might otherwise go to waste and distributes it within the local emergency food system to reach those in need. By helping to support these nonprofit partners they are in turn helping the communities that they support. They do all the hard work of course, GG just endeavors to give them more time and resources to do that vital work.


GG is also very excited to be providing food artisans with a new platform for selling their goods. Many of them don’t sell their products outside of their region and GG gives them a space with a national reach.

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