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Local Gluten Free & Vegan Granola

IMG_2110Vivian Cubilla-Lindblom is the proud new owner of Maple Nut Kitchen granola company, formerly Courser Farm Kitchen. Vivian has always wanted to do something with specialty foods and four months ago an opportunity presented itself to her and she was nothing but excited!

All of the flavors of Maple Nut Kitchen granola are made with certified gluten free oats. All of the flavors are vegan and there are even a few paleo options. Vivian uses local New Hampshire maple syrup, and only high quality dried fruit and nights in her granolas.

Made with plump dried fruit, crunchy nuts, and toasted oats, Maple Nut Kitchen granola is delicious and offers a wonderful aroma and fresh taste. Flavors include Northern Berry Harvest, Cashew Chai, Almond Cranberry, Southern Cherry Almond, Western Cocoa Cayenne, Lavender Blueberry, Coconut Date, Mocha Chip, Maple Nut, Pumpkin Gingerbread, Sweet & Salty, and Tropical OPeach NBH bake photorange.

This is Vivian’s first year attending the Boston Local Food Festival, this September 14. Vivian is excited to attend this event. The “big city offers a lot of exposure to local retailers and I hope to expand into the community,” says Vivian. She thinks it’ll be fun to try to get some recognition in Boston, and can’t wait for Bostonians to try her granola.

Maple Nut Kitchen is based out of Keene, NH, and the community there has been very supportive of her product and great at try to help her spread the word. She hopes to become a apart of the co-op there soon.

Please note, all of the granola is gluten free but it is baked in a shared commercial kitchen that is not gluten free.

Currently the only location in MA that sells Maple Nut Kitchen granola is The Natural Market in Groton, MA. It is also available through Something Gud, a Boston-based delivery service that provides locally sourced food directly to your door each week.

 I hope to see Maple Nut Kitchen granola in more locations in and around Boston very soon!

This post was written by Jessica Dennis of Gluten Free Boston Girl, go check her out!


Posted by: Jessica Dennis on August 4, 2014 @ 11:00 am
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