Boston Local Food Festival

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Take A Food Tour: A Fun Way To Support Local Food Vendors Year-Round

Ever wonder how you can continue to support local food vendors year-round? Well, have you heard about Boston’s newest and most unique food tour? They are brought to you by Off The Beaten Path Food Tours & Experiences. Based in Somerville, Off The Beaten Path’s first food tour is of Davis Square and includes the most delicious food around, with 2.5-3 hours of eating, walking around, and learning about the rich history of the area. As a bonus, you’ll get to meet local owners and hear firsthand why they started their unique shops. The food you’ll taste is incredible and varied. Tours run Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 10am and 2pm year-round. 
We asked Off The Beaten Path’s founders for some suggestions of local food to try in Somerville. Here are some of the places they love from their tour who are also Boston Local Food Festival vendors (tour stops vary):
  • Curio Spice“Claire from Curio Spice is a spice genius – she builds incredibly unique spice blends like artistic tapestries, and her world travels are so inspiring. If you can’t find time to travel, just take a stroll into her Mass. Ave. shop and your senses will be transported to global destinations. Hint: try the saffron gummy candies and the fun pink peppercorn.”
  • Q’s Nuts“Q’s Nuts really is a family affair, and we can attest to owners Beth and Brian’s love for food. They have the most incredible flavorful nuts, and it sure does smell good in their Somerville production facility. Hint: we are obsessed with their bananas foster and chocolate lavender nuts and can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up next.”
  • Taza Chocolate“Taza is pretty much an institution around here in Somerville, and their factory hosts public tours (Tuesday – Sunday) which are packed for good reason in addition to tastings and events. We love trying all their origin bars but also love their original stone ground chocolate wheels the best which make great gifts as well.”  
Off the Beaten Path also wanted to put in a plug for two other Somerville area businesses at the Festival who they absolutely love:
  • Taco Party“Definitely worth a stop out of your way to visit Taco Party’s tiny restaurant. Our favorite taco is the fried plaintain taco and chorizo tempeh but we’ve been known for sitting there for hours trying everything on the menu. Yum!!”
  • Nussli 118“This home grown business is full of nutritious snacks, and we are in love with their scrumptious chia pudding mason jars with fresh fruit.”
 After trying all of these delicious vendors at the Boston Local Food Festival, hang out with Off the Beaten Path for a morning or afternoon, and they will show you around for even more. They look forward to having you on their next food tour!
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Posted by: Nicola on September 12, 2017 @ 4:34 pm
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