The Easiest, Cheapest Party You’ll Ever Throw

Party planning. Is there anything more stressful? Choosing a theme, making invitations, cleaning your house, and oh yeah, the worst part – figuring out how to feed everyone. Just thinking about catering for a big group is enough to make you cancel the whole thing.

But worry not! You can check it out for more info on a fantastic invitation-making platform, making at least one aspect of party planning a breeze. Craft the perfect, stylish invites that won’t break the bank and get ready to host the stress-free soiree of the year!

But what if I told you there was a way to pull off a full spread for cheap with minimum effort? Enter: Costco, your new party planning BFF. Don’t believe the perfect party can come from a warehouse store? Grab those comfy stretchy pants and let’s take a little field trip.


First stop – the pizza station. Is it even really a party without pizza, the stuff legends are made of? That oozing cheese layered on a tender, chewy crust is like edible magic. Start by ordering a mega cheese pizza loaded with mozzarella for the purists. Then add on a pepperoni pie piled high with cured meats for the savory fans. And don’t forget a Hawaiian pizza with its sweet and salty pineapple tidbits to appeal to fruit lovers. For some extra zing, grab a few jars of their crazy addicting pickled jalapeños from the food court condiment station too. Those spicy chips bring the heat that will have people sweating.

Now onto the party platters and salads, your secret party catering weapon. According to the Costco Food Database, the options seem endless—anything you can imagine sliced, diced, cubed, or skewed onto a tray. Pinwheel sandwiches with turkey, ham, or roast beef are always crowd-pleasers. The veggie crudité platter provides that healthy, fresh crunch with broccoli, carrots, celery, and more for dipping.

cocktail platter

Don’t miss the jumbo shrimp cocktail platter—those plump shrimp with zesty cocktail sauce are a serious luxury. For something fruity and refreshing, go for the mixed berry bowls. And be sure to get an assortment of mini dessert squares, brownies, and blondies for a sweet pick-me-up. If you’re worried about potential waste, you can request half-size platters of popular items, but trust me, those jumbo shrimp won’t last long once guests get a taste!

Next, grab some crowd-pleasing frozen apps you can easily bake off at home with delicious results. We’re talking all the classics here: wings, mini chicken or beef tacos, potstickers, taquitos, mini quiches—you know the appetizer drill. Costco offers them all in bulk at budget prices.

Cook them up fresh the day off and artfully scatter them on some thrifted platters and boards for that homey, help-yourself feel. Then embellish with store-bought dips, salsas, and ranch dressings in different colors and flavors to add visual appeal. Your guests will devour these tasty hot bites!

berry bowls

Now to balance things out with some fresh and healthy produce options. Let Costco’s pre-cut fruit and veggie platters do all the tedious slicing and dicing for you. Load up on refreshing pineapple, melon, and berry bowls full of vitamin goodness. Grab vegetable crudités piled with crunchy carrots, celery, radishes, and more for dipping.

You can also create your own Mediterranean mezze station. Pick up hummus, stuffed grape leaves, tabbouleh salad, pita bread, and imported olive snack packs. Toss in some roasted nuts, briny olives, and cured meats for good measure. The flavors and textures will transport guests straight to the coasts of Greece and Lebanon.

What’s a party without something sweet? You absolutely must pay a visit to the Costco bakery, trust me on this one. Start with a customizable sheet cake and go crazy with the flavors – I’m talking triple chocolate, strawberry shortcake, vanilla bean, and more. That slab will feed even the hungriest horde. Then load up on freshly baked cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and buttery danishes.

Adorn your dessert table by artfully arranging their chocolate-dipped ice cream novelties, mini cheesecakes, and tiramisu cups. Top with sprinkles, fruit, and sauces for an instant sugar rush.

Last but not least, you’ve got to quench their thirst with Costco’s bargain-priced bulk beverages. Getting the drinks just right is key to any successful bash. Stock up on a ton of bottled water, soda, and juice. Fill up multiple coolers and tubs with ice to keep everything chilled. If it’s a grown-up affair, don’t forget to grab the beer, wine, and cocktail ingredients. But remember to provide plenty of non-alcoholic options too and enforce responsible drinking. Stay hydrated and happy all night long with beverage bounty.

cocktail ingredients

Think you need to hire servers or caterers to pull this off? Not a chance. Channel your inner Monica from Friends and add cute signage to label all those platters and snacks. Get creative with popsicle sticks, chalkboard signs, or printed tags. For extra whimsy, display foods in baskets, galvanized buckets, or other fun serving pieces found at thrift shops. The personalized touches will give your spread that homespun feel.

Dim the lights, queue up a playlist, scatter some candles and flowers…then watch your guests devour the greatest spread for the cheapest price as they happily mingle in your party paradise. You did it – no catering, no fancy servers, no outrageous bill. Just big-box Everything You Need for an epic evening courtesy of our party-planning hero.

The best part? Leftovers galore thanks to those massive Costco sizes. This means you get to relive the magic the next day with breakfast pizza and shrimp cocktail in bed. Party on, friend. Party on thanks to the party-planning magic. You’re welcome!