Boston Local Food Festival

Presented by Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts

About SBN & Local Food Program


Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN) has a mission of engaging business and community leaders in building economies that are local, green, and fair.

An essential component of a strong economy is a vibrant and diverse local food system.  SBN has made strengthening the Massachusetts and New England food system a top priority. In 2009, SBN formed its Local Food Committee that has evolved into Boston Local Food Program. The objective is to organize events and programs that bring together individuals and local food organizations committed to promoting the eating of local food, with local defined within New England if not within Massachusetts.

SBN leads several innovative programs including:

  • Local First Business Networks
  • Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP)
  • Local Food Collaborations
  • Entrepreneur Roundtables and Programs
  • Conferences and Workshops

SBN is one of nine Massachusetts Buy Local Groups who are committed to the idea that knowing where your food comes from makes both good health and economic sense. Buy Local Group efforts have helped generate consumer awareness and demand for locally grown food products while improving access to these important food sources.

Seven Initiatives of SBN’s Boston Local Food program:

  1. Produce the annual Boston Local Food Festival
  2. Encourage local restaurants to include local food (Eat Local Month)
  3. Support the local food incubator kitchens
  4. Grow food production in urban areas
  5. Increase retail and distribution of local food
  6. Map the local food system
  7. Initiate the Eastern MASS Local Food Network

2019 Projects:

  • 10th Annual Boston Local Food Festival
  • Local Buying Guide  for restaurants and retailers
  • Local Specialty Crop and Local Food Trade Shows
  • Speed Trading Matchmaking Events
  • Technical Assistance Workshops
  • Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest
  • Massachusetts Eat Local Month
  • Local Craft Spirits Fest

Visit Boston Local Food for more information!

We hope to collaborate with businesses, non-profits, government agencies and individuals to achieve our goals.