The Simpson Spring Company – a Taste of History

The Simpson Spring Company

In the mid 70’s one of my joys was shopping with my mother at our local Woolworth; my behavior always awarded me soda-floats from their vintage soda fountain. Soda was happiness, it meant family, simple things. Soda today is rarely what it was, so removed from original recipes. Yet, in South Easton is a story … Read more

Join the Movement!

Join the Movement Local Food Festival

Supporting local food promotes a strong local economy, reduces carbon emissions, and helps preserve the environment. Sustainable Business Network’s (SBN) Executive Director Laury Hammel sums it up: “By working together we can play a leadership role in building a strong local food system and set an example for communities across the nation.” Check out this video produced locally … Read more

Festival Mission & Goals

Festival Mission & Goals

Our festival mission is to: Generate increased demand for local and sustainably produced food through education and promotion. Support the growth and development of local farms and locally owned food-related businesses. Increase the availability and access of healthy local food to urban communities. Facilitate collaborations between local food farms, businesses, and public and non-profit organizations. … Read more

About SBN & Local Food Program

SBN & Local Food Program

Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN) has a mission of the engaging business and community leaders in building economies that are local, green, and fair. An essential component of a strong economy is a vibrant and diverse local food system.  SBN has made strengthening the Massachusetts and New England food system a top priority. In … Read more